RM-500Q-GL FIrmware Request

I have 2 RM500Q-GL modules, one with AT+CGMR RM500QGLABR13A02M4G - firmware works fine.
Another one with AT+CGMR RM500QGLABR11A04M4G not registering to the network.
Can I get the latest firmware?

I have sent latest firmware to your email,pls check

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@herbert.pan-Q What is the latest firmware for RM500Q now? Can the firmware be downloaded on the web site?

And, do all RM500Q variants have full e-SIM support now, for downloading e-SIM profile into eSIM like described here Use an eSIM to get a cellular data connection on your Windows PC - Microsoft Support and using eSIM?

Any followup on the Which Quectel modems have eSIM / eUICC functionality? Do Quectel models have different levels of e-SIM support? How use e-SIM? thread would be appreciated.