RIL Library not provided by quectel

I think you have to allow Browser to fetch location due calling MAPS via Browser.
I use Maps App works flawlessly.



Thank you for your valuable support.
We tested in different browsers and different Map Apps.
With that also not able to find the location.

Can you share the apk file of Map you used for testing GPS.

Thank you

stock opengapps pkg added to Build

for integration and Android related questions you might check on XDA due its not related to Modem/RIL



We are working on i.MX8M mini with Android P9.0.0(With kernel version 4.14.98)

We are planning to validate call feature in the 4G module with i.MX8M.

The i.MX8M Mini, EC25 and Audio codec connected as shown in attached image.

We tried below command for voice over USB feature.




After that we are able to connect the call to corresponding mobile,

But we not able to hear Sound through attached earphone to the audio In/Out jack in i.MX8M mini development kit through voice over USB AT commands.

Kindly suggest me to solve the issue.

Thank You,


Our Japan team is testing EC25J module and following issues are observed.

ISSUE #1: The SIM LOCK is invoked after using non-Softbank SIM.
ISSUE #2: Cannot connect to “au LTE 4G” network (PLMN is 44050).

ISSUE #1 is due to EC25J product specification.
If connected to net by using a SIM other than Softbank, then SIM LOCK(Network Subset Personalization Facility Lock) will occur.
After this, it’s not possible to do LTE connection until it is unlocked.
It’s possible to do UNLOCK by sending AT command.

ISSUE #2 is occurring due to au(KDDI) LTE network mechanism.
In the old type au 4G LTE network (PLMN=44050), IMS area registration failure will occur and LTE connection will fail.
Connection can be made possible by disabling IMS registration.
This issue will not occur with au VOLTE network (PLMN=44051).

Please guide us to resolve this.

Thank You,

I am working on i.MX8M Mini board.
I want to integrate EM05 in android 9.0.
I modified my android code with respect to the document provided in the Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_V3.3.49_master_beta , but there is no mobile data icon displayed in android Desktop after flashing of the modified android OS.
can you please provide what and all files i need to modified for solving this problem.
Aneesh kt

Please Note that i’m not Related to quectel.
So any issues with your build or help should be announced to quectel Support

Hi Can you send me the files which you have placed in vendor/quectel/ec25

Because i don’t know how to get those files