RG520N-NA Firmware

Revision: RG520NNADBR03A01M8G

[002.822]: <log value="INFO: Erasing start sector 0, num sectors 0" />
[002.823]: <log value="INFO: NAND Erase 0% complete." />
[002.837]: <response value="ACK" rawmode="false" />
[002.837]: <erase a_rawdata_start_sector="6528" b_rawdata_num_sector="640" c_pro                       ject_name="RG520NNADA_VB" d_project_type="STD" vendor="quectel"/>

[002.837]: <log value="INFO: Calling handler for erase" />
[002.837]: <log value="INFO: NAND was previously open, returning existing handle                        0." />
[002.837]: <log value="INFO: [harden] project name = RG520NNADA_VB" />
[002.902]: <log value="INFO: [harden]name=rawdata, start_blk=102, num_blk=10" />
[002.903]: <log value="INFO: [harden] storageDeviceRead success. start_sector=65                       28" />
[002.903]: <log value="INFO: [harden]magic1=0x20190424, magic2=0x20190425." />
[002.903]: <log value="INFO: [harden]rawdata_version=V1.00." />
[002.903]: <log value="INFO: [harden]project_name=13,RG520NNADB_VA." />
[002.903]: <log value="INFO: [harden]project_name firmware =13,RG520NNADA_VB." /                       >
[002.903]: <log value="INFO: [harden]project_type module=STD." />
[002.903]: <log value="INFO: [harden]modify project_name=10,RG520NNADB." />
[002.903]: <log value="INFO: [harden]modify project_name firmware =10,RG520NNADA                       ." />
[002.904]: <log value="INFO: [harden] project name or type = RG520NNADA error!"                        />
[002.904]: <response value="NAK" rawmode="false" />
[002.904]: firehose_protocol.c firehose_main 977 fail
[002.904]: Upgrade module failed.
[002.904]: inf[0] ep_in -1/1024, errno = 108 (Cannot send after socket shutdown)

I am trying to upgrade to RG520NNADAAR03A03M4G_ failed

Hello @US_michael
What kind of Firmware tool version and operating system version are you using?
The latest firmware tool that I know is QFlash v6.5, and Quectel literature recommends the use of Windows 10 64 bits…

If you need the Qflash tool, I can send it to you.


I use Qfirehose to upgrade,thank you for help!

@US_michael Ok, is nice to try to help, indeed.
Have a great day :wink:

Check the release notes for your firmware for required QFirehose version.

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Dear @US_michael
RG520NNADBR03A01M8G and RG520NNADAAR03A03M4G_ are different, they are two projects, RG520N-NADB and RG520N-NADA.
RG520NNADBR03A01M8G_01.001.01.001 is the latest firmware for RG520N-NADB, please check your current firmware via AT+QGMR.

RG520NNADBR03A01M8G cannot be upgraded to RG520NNADAAR03A03M4G_

Can you send me the firmware RG520NNADBR03A01M8G? thanks!

Dear @US_michael
They are different project, so you can’t upgrade.
I have sent the RG520NNADBR03A01M8G to you via Message, please check.