RG502Q-EA DSS unstable

Hello, i wanted to share feedback about RG502Q-EA.
im in italy, operator WindTre, when i use the modem in DSS whit N3 as primary band, the modem is pretty unstable.
Sometime it goes very high speed in upload and download, but sometime it just stuck at really low speeds, like if it loose the ability to use the bands,also the ping is really high compared to 4G, or using NSA whit N78 band.
I heard there is a partnership whit windtre now, whit Zyxel NR7101, and i know there is lack of the MBN file for WindTre italy.
Are there any plans to add MBN file for this operator?

Dear Sir,
Sorry to hear that,do you buy RG502Q-EA directly or buy terminal products embedded RG502Q-EA?
If the first one,please contact your local fae or distributor,if the second one,please contact your terminal manufacturer.

Hello, Thank you for your reply.
It was more a feedback, many terminals like mikrotik chateau 5G and zyxel NR7101 have this problem, i think have something related to firmware.
Also, The module doesnt have mbm file for WindTre for italy, it might help.
All Terminals that use RG502Q-EA have this problem whit this operator in DSS.
I just wanted to share feedback, so maybe in next firmware release it could be fixed.
Best regards.