Rg502q-ea dfota

I am looking for DFOTA firmware(s) of RG502Q-EA

From 11A06 to 11A07
From 11A07 to 11A06

From 11A07 to 13A01
From 13A01 to 11A07

From 13A01 to 13A03
From 13A03 to 13A01


Right now the modem is on 11A06 but it stops working every 10 to 28 hours. I have to reset power line to have it working again. Also it provides max 550mbps while another modem with Huawei chip provides 980mbps (same ISP same subscription service)!

I can use Firehose but it needs to take the module out of the modem and install it on another environment… The modem is on top of the roof which is fully covered with snow. I need need your help.

So would anyone who cares please help me to have these firmware(s)?

Prompt attention would be appreciated…


Dear @mas_mahmoudi
Due to R11 and R13 are different baseline, so it is better to upgrade via full package.