RG502Q-EA connect to 3 mimo antennas


I have B3, B7, B8, B20, B28, N28 in my area where i live.
I don`t know how to connect 3 mimo antennas, anyone knows?



If you only want to support L/M band, then you need to connect ANT0,ANT1,ANT4,ANT6, and ANT7.

I also use B7 2600 mHz.

But how, in what order?

ANT0 + ANT1 to one mimo antenna OK!

But the other connections?

I don’t understand what is your requirement, do you want to support the band you need with the least antennas?

I understand that I should connect a mimo antenna to ANT0 and ANT1.

I am wondering if I should connect the second mimo antenna to ANT4 and ANT5 and the third antenna to ANT6 and ANT7 or in some other order ie the second antenna to ANT4 and ANT6 and the third antenna to ANT 5 and ANT7?

  1. ANT4 & ANT6 are Middle and High Band of LTE RX MIMO antennas, you need to connect to them.
  2. ANT5 is UH Band RX MIMO, If you don’t need UH band you don’t need connect the ANT5…
  3. The MHB of LTE uses ANT7 when the device is working in NSA mode and NR is using M/H band, If you don’t need the M/H band of NR you don’t need ANT7.

Thank you very much! :handshake: :slightly_smiling_face: