RG502Q-EA 5G NSA band carrier aggergation

Hi - can the RG502Q-EA provide 5G NSA carrier aggregation on n1 & n78 yet?

I’m using the RG502Q-EA in a Mikrotik Chateau 5G ax (on Vodafone UK) and can see bands n1 & n78 in my area but the RG502Q-EA seems to only be able to provide CA for one at time (either n1 or n78, not both).

I’ve seen in the latest CA&ENDC features spreadsheet that it should support CA on n78 (n78 & n78), are there plans to add more options to this in the near future?

Dear @nicsmith1979
Sorry for this.
For some limitations, RG502Q can’t support n1&n78.

Thanks @silvia - which firmware version is the latest for the RG502Q-EA?

Dear @nicsmith1979
Currently, RG502QEAAAR13A03M4G_02.001.02.001 is the latest one.