RG501Q-EU firmware request

Hello, I’m looking for the latest firmware for RG501Q-EU.

My version: RG501QEUAAR12A05M4G_OCPU_BETA_20211020D_04.001.00.000

My current firmware is dated 20 October 2021.
Is there an updated version?


our current version is RG501QEUAAR12A07M4G_04.001.04.001, can you send me the latest firmware for 12A08M4G? my email: vincent@qilton.com

Thank you,

I’m not sure why nobody is replying us.
Anyway, I have what it looks like a BETA firmware, and lots of network disconnections during interface communication.
Your firmware looks like more recent than mine, what issues do you have?

If somebody could sent me the latest release, my mail: ndwr@opengroups.net

the 5G not working well with the N28 band for the current firmware.

In my case my version just connects to 5G sometimes and for a few seconds at random and it always prefer to downgrade to 4G while doing packet traffic, despite good signal parameters.

I managed to update to your firmware and now it looks like I resolved my issues but I now have the same issue as you on channel N28.
It’s better than before though.

Could anybody enlighten us about the firmware history of RG501Q-EU and if there is any updated version than