RG500Q-EA Singnal issue and Power Off

Hi All,
I have few issues regarding RG5000Q-EA 5G Module. Can you any help me .

  1. I find that after 1 minute i am not able to see com PORT, i thin the device goes to sleep mode .
  2. I use 4G Sim now , I want test only 4G Services but i always find CSQ; 99,99 .
    Can someone answer me on this issues .

Mashkur Khadmi
MC OIta ,Japan.

Dear Mashkur,
Thank you for your enquiry. I am Peter from the FAE Department of QUECTEL Wireless Solutions.

About your questions, please help to check ATI and AT+CFUN? commands, for the first question, i guess maybe there are only DM port instead no com ports, right?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Thanks Peter for Response.
I have checked ATI and CFUN?
when i power on Modem COM Port is visible, after 60 seconds comport disappears and changed to DM Port. Once it changes to DM Port i will not be able to send AT Commands

Please check ATI and CFUN? Response.
Revision: RG500QEAR01A01M4G_BATE1017_VF_A

+CFUN: 1


Dear Mashkur,
thanks for your detailed reply.
About your question, early samples have this problem, please contact our sales to purchase the latest ES2.1 samples and test.I aslo upload RG500Q ES2.1 statement for your reference, thank you.Quectel_RG500Q-EA_Module_in_ES2.1_Statement_20200103.pdf (251.7 KB)