RG500Q-EA QSCAN command not work

I want to use “qscan” command with RG500Q-EA.
I didn’t use a sim card.
But it seems “qscan” command doesn’t work.
Anyone know how to solve this problem?

This is my log.






And it is my module information.

Revision: RG500QEAAAR10A03M4G


This command is not supported on the RG500Q, but the RG500U does.

Thank you for your favor.
But is there RG500U? I couldn’t find RG500U module anywhere in website.

Sorry, I have checked the relevant information, which may be related to the firmware version. can you insert SIM card to execute this command normally?

That’s fine. I am trying to do a command without sim card. And the manual said “This command is recommended to be used when there is no (U)SIM card.”

According to the technical document, it is most likely that your current firmware version is not supported. If you need the latest firmware version, I can provide it to you tomorrow

My firmware version is blow.

Revision: RG500QEAAAR10A03M4G

If you have latest one, please send it to me.

the latest fireware:

Thank you so much!! Herbert!!

hi herbert26,
could you please send me latest version firmware rg500l-eu my current firmware version is RG500LEUACR02A04M8G_OCPU.
best wishes

Sorry, we can’t find it in our firmware sharing library, if you need it urgently, please contact the sales or agent

thank you herbert. do you think that firmware is available ?

Are you having any problems at the moment?

i get +CME ERROR: 100 error when i want send AT+QSCAN.
Which one of serial port in RG500L-EU EVB is diagnostic port (DM Port)? I couldn’t find diag port. thank a lot

Have you installed the appropriate drivers? Driver name upload, device manager port upload screenshot

My OS is ubuntu and In /dev directory i have ttyACM0, ttyACM1 on USB Type-C and i have ttyUSB0 or ttyUSB1 on another USB Type-C(DBG) .

Screenshot from 2022-09-07 10-33-52

AT+QSCAN can be performed only when there is no SIM card

i have tested it with or without SIM card on EVB board but there is still an error.

What do you plan to use the AT COMMAND for?