RG500Q-EA practical heat dissipation

Hello all,
I’m trying to load the RG500Q-EA to understand the heating affect of it on the system.
The Eval board comes with a “healthy” heatsink but even without it I can’t make it rise in temperature on open air LTE rates scenario of about 100-200Mbps rates (warm, not more than that).
Still, without professional testing equipment yet (at home :-)) , can someone point to field practice on the heating of it, and in which scenario was it achieved.

Thank you,

Dear Yaniv,
Heating affect is important for nr5G product, especially in the condition of 4x4 MIMO and max output power, the heatsink will be useful. The EVB testing on open air might not be obvious, but if you test with communication tester, it would have a big difference. Thanks!