Retrieve LOCUS data through I2C

I’m trying to retrieve the LOCUS data using the I2C connection.

All commands sent through I2C are working properly, except the commands $PMTK18338 and $PMTK622,129. I’m receiving the acknowledgment of PMTK command (i.e., $PMTK001,xxx,3*xx) but nothing of PMTKLOG and PMTKLOX messages.

Can you explain if and how I can retrieve these messages from the I2C?

I’m using an L76-L module mounted on PyTrack (chip version: L76LNR02A01SC, firmware release: AXN_5.1.6_3333_18060518).

Dear Customer,
According to the release notes, your reported version doesn’t support LOCUS.
Please use the newer version: L76LNR02A02SC.


Dear Customer,
Please download upgrade tool from the following link: