Response AT command in SDK EC200U

I have Quectel EC200U modem, and I want to know where the at-commands response.
For example, at-commands respond “OK” when I send “AT” vía AT Port. I want to change another word maybe my name TD or another word. How I can do that in SDK. Where is the function?
Thanks a lot.


May I ask why you need to modify the reply of AT?

In general, the response to the universal AT is fixed.

Do you need a custom AT? If you want to customize AT, you can define the name and reply of the AT command.

The problem is that i want to validate my module by sending any character specified in the module for comparison. If my module is correct, then I connect to the computer and otherwise I close the port.
So I pay attention to the command “AT” response “OK”.
For example I send “THANGDOAN” and the module responds “OK”.
In the SDK how would I do it?