Dear all,
Using the mc60 module, I am sending data with tcp protocol and opencpu to the server. After a few minutes I turn off the network using the command at + cfun = 4. But after every 8 executions of this command, the module is reset. However, if data transfer is not done, this command will work properly and mc60 will not be reset. What causes a reset? I am using mc60 module with MC60CAR01A15 framework and sdk 1.7.
Thank you for your response.

at+cfun=1,1 //reset module;
at+cfun=4 //Flight mode

hello herbert,
I know the command is AT + CFUN = 4 for Flight mode. But when I use the TCP protocol to send data, I run the Flight mode command at different times. The module resets automatically when this command is executed 9 times. What is the reason for this reset? It looks like a bug. Because if I do not use the TCP protocol as OPEN CPU, there is no problem in the number of executions of this command. And the system works properly.

I recommend that you disconnect the module from the MCU to determine whether the module is working properly during the above operation.

Dear herbert,
What do you mean by disconnecting the module from the mcu? I use mc60 as opencpu without using external mcu. Ql_RIL_SendATCmd (“AT + CFUN = 4”, Ql_strlen (“AT + CFUN = 4”), ATResponse_Handler, NULL, 0);

The Open scheme is beyond my capacity, please ask for help again,sorry for you!