Requesting for SC20 USB to Ethernet demo application


I am using SC20 module I am trying to send data through ethernet. In one of the application note I found that, we can use Ethernet for communication through USB. Please let me know how to send and receive data using this concept(i.e. USB to Ethernet), if possible kindly provide any sample developed android source code to send and receive data. I could not able to find any applications in internet. And in feature we are moving to SC600T module will it be same?

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Thippeswamy H U

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Dear customer:
for USB to Ethernet, there are two part.
1: framework
==>Quectel provide framework driver for our customer. you only need to tell me the android version you will use.
2: driver of bridge chip
==>you can ask the bridge chip vendor for that. for example:AX88179, you can download the driver of AX88179 from the official website.

We are using android version 5.1. We have the hardware design but we need some support for android development please provide any sample application which you have for this application. How to send and receive data from ethernet via USB.

Dear customer:
after you add the driver to the kernel, you will have a Ethernet card named eth0.
you don’t need concern how to transfer the data. It will be automatic done by the android system.

Thanks for your response. Kindly share the driver. We do not have any drivers for that and it will be grateful if you share the sample android application for this. So it will be easier for us to test our setup with your working application.

Dear customer:
sorry, we don’t provide driver, you need ask the vendor of the bridge ic for that.
they will provide driver to you.
thank you for your understanding

Okay, do you have any sample android application for that. Is it available with the vendor

Still I am not cleared, do we need the framework driver for SC20 module are USB to Ethernet conversion IC.

I will send a ping command to the connected IP and it should give pinging response. This what my requirement is

can you send me your email address, i will send the sample by Email.

Yes, We have received it. Thanks for your support I will let you know, if anything is there.