Requesting EC25-AF MiniPCIe latest firmware

We are currently using the EC25-AF MiniPCIe modem with the EC25AFFAR07A08M4G firmware version. We are having trouble connecting to AT&T and FirstNet (using multiple SIM cards), so I am hoping the latest firmware will resolve our problem. We performed the ATT 3G Sunset instructions procedure to set the mode to “Data Centric”, but it has not yet resolved the problem. The same modem is functional on Verizon with a Verizon SIM card, so the hardware is functional.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Hi,Please give me your e-mail,and i will send it to you.

It looks like, I have the same problem: Using EC25-AF in a router with 2 SIM slots, I can connect to Verizon, but not to ATT. The EC25 has the same firmware version as yours, EC25AFFAR07A08M4G. Did the firmware upgrade solve your problem ? If yes, which firmware version do you use ?