Request to get Internal SDK MC60

Hello Community,

So far I am working on the MC60-E OpenCPU Development Tool Kit.

But this SDK is also based on the UART Communication (i.e. AT Command Interface)
I need the internal core SDK (which has a source of BSP & core library) of Quectel’s MC60 module.

Will you please help me to know, how can I get that?

Shiv Patil.

Please check for reference, thank you.

hello @Grey.Tu-Q ,

Thanks for the response,

  1. you have shared the SDK for the MC65 device, Is it compatible with the MC60 modem?
  2. As I have previously mentioned, these SDKs use the AT command for internal communication.

see the following code from the MC65_QuecOpen_GS5_SDK_V1.2\ril\src\ril_sim.c file.

s32  RIL_SIM_GetSimState(s32 *stat)
    s32 retRes = -1;
    s32 nStat = 0;
    char strAT[] = "AT+CPIN?\0";

    retRes = Ql_RIL_SendATCmd(strAT, Ql_strlen(strAT), ATResponse_CPIN_Handler, &nStat, 0);
    if(RIL_AT_SUCCESS == retRes)
       *stat = nStat; 
    return retRes;

I want the SDK which calls the internal core functions of the GSM-GPRS Processor.
Do you have any solution for that?

Shiv Patil.

Some API functions are encapsulated on AT because they are already supported by AT. It does not affect the running of OPEN code. There is documentation in the SDK to describe the function use. thank you.

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Thanks for the response.
As we know Quectel modules are based on the Qualcomm or MediaTek chipsets.
Qualcomm uses the LLVM compiler with its own SDK.
Is there any way that I can get access to that SDK?

Shiv Patil.

I don’t have the original SDK on the chip. This can contact the original manufacturer for consultation.

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Doing some research, I have comes to know that the mc60E uses the mediatek MT2503D chipest.

Is there any way that i can access to this SDK?
It needs to sign NDA, I am able to do the legal procedure.