Request RIL Driver for Android 7.1.1 (and newer versions if possible)

Hello support team,
I am trying to bring up a LTE modem module with Quectel EC25-E on Android 7.1.1 platform based on i.MX6 processor.
I read Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_User_Guide_V1.7.pdf document and it shows that I would need the RIL software package.
How can I get RIL Driver package indicated in that document?
May you provide it to me?
In the future, if I wanted to migrate to a newer version of Android (for example “12”) would another version of the RIL package be needed?

Thank you.
Best Regards,


Please try the RIL_NDK libs.
Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_V3.6.14_master_Release.rar (47.6 MB)

Thank you so much for the reply.

I followed the instructions in the documents Android_RIL_Driver_User_Guide_V1.7 and Android_RIL_Driver_User_Guide_V2.0
and I got the following results:

dsx64m00_6dq:/ $ lsusb
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0424:2512
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 222a:0001
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 2c7c:0125 //EC25

dsx64m00_6dq:/ $ ls /dev/cdc*

When i checked the ril logs using the below command:
logcat -b radio -v time
I got the error:
dsx64m00_6dq:/ $ logcat -b radio -v time
01-01 00:00:05.906 D/RILD ( 240): RIL Daemon Started
01-01 00:00:05.906 D/RILD ( 240): RILd param count=3
01-01 00:00:06.014 E/RILD ( 240): dlopen failed: dlopen failed: library “” not found
01-01 00:00:11.550 D/RILD ( 503): RIL Daemon Started
01-01 00:00:11.550 D/RILD ( 503): RILd param count=3
01-01 00:00:11.550 E/RILD ( 503): dlopen failed: dlopen failed: library “” not found
But the error library “” is not present in android 7.1.1

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you,


Hi Bean Wang-Q,
I’m very sorry: I was using the wrong library version.
Now the modem is correctly recognized in Android.
I’m trying to understand why the modem only works in “3G” mode: the connection is very slow.
Thank you and sorry again.