Request for new firmware M66FAR02A09B


Since I need to upgrade M66 for using MTQQ, I would like to then upgrade it to the newest firmware I guess M66FAR02A09B.
Could you please help me where I can download M66FAR02A09B.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,
Baron T.

Hi Tbarou:
Could you please tell me the software version of your module?(Please use ATI to check)

Dear Winnie,

Thank you for your reply. In fact, I have bought new "M66FA-04-STDN “, I guess which cannot you run MQTT, therefore I would like to first upgrade the M66FA-04-STDN (SN = MP821EE06002170) parts before bringing on the assembly board. That is the reason I’m looking for new firmware, at least to be able to use MQTT. Or could you please tell the minimum firmware version which supports MQTT? or I don’t need to upgrade the firmware for " M66FA-04-STDN” in order to use MQTT?

Kind regards,
baron T.

I will send M66FAR02A09BT version firmware to you via email, it does support MQTT function.

Hi Isaac,

Thanks a lot and I appreciate it.

Please send me the last firmware of M66FA

Good day,

I’m using a M66FA-04-STD module with firmware M66FAR02A06BT which does not seem to support MQTT.

Could you please assist with latest version.

Kind regards,