Request for EC200U Module Firmware Upgrade Support

I am reaching out regarding my EC200U modules, and I am looking to upgrade the firmware for enhanced functionality. Currently, I have two modules with the following firmware versions:

  1. EC200UCNAAR02A10M08
  2. EC200UCNAAR03A03M08

The module with firmware version EC200UCNAAR03A03M08 is functioning correctly with GPS, while the one with firmware version EC200UCNAAR02A10M08 is experiencing GPS-related issues. Interestingly, after checking five other modules with EC200UCNAAR02A10M08 firmware, I observed a consistent problem with the GPS not functioning.
I checked more than 5 module with EC200UCNAA R02A10M08 firmware version module GPS not work all module. Both firmware version hardware are same not have any hardware difference.
To address this issue, I am seeking assistance in obtaining the latest firmware for the EC200U module, along with guidance on the firmware upload process. Additionally, if there are any software updates available to resolve the GPS-related problems, please share the firmware file and the corresponding flash method.

Kindly provide the necessary support to ensure the proper functioning of the EC200U modules. You can reach me at “”


Hi @Dev2,
I’m sorry that things don’t work out for you. You may obtain the firmware, tools and drivers from our redistributor (where you brought our module from). They also have steps on how to upgrade the firmware.

Thank you for your response.

We have two EC200U-CN (EC200UCNAA-N05-SGNSA) modules. One module has functional GPS, but the other module’s GPS is not working. Both modules have identical PCB hardware.

The firmware version of the module with working GPS is EC200UCNAAR03A03M08, while the module with non-functional GPS has firmware version EC200UCNAAR03A10M08.

Can you please assist? Could the non-functional GPS be due to a firmware version issue?"

Hi @Dev2 ,
Sorry for the late response. To see if it’s a firmware problem, you may need to flash your non-functioning module with a known working firmware. Our suppliers have those firmwares and corresponding tools and guides avaliable so please kindly request a firmware from them.