Request firmware upgrade tool Qflash download link on windows
Could you pls. to send me download link on QFlash tool also!
Thank you in advance

Hi, I would also like to get a link to download QFlash.

Thank you.

I would like to upgrade the firmware of M95FB-03-STD, can you please send me link on

hello? can i get the latest flash tool please?

Please send me also the latest version of the flash tool. Thank you

Is QFlash 6.1 the latest?
If not, please send to :blush:

Hi, can you please send me newest QFlash and Firmwares for EC25-E, EC25-EUX and EG25-G
Right now my EC25-E is running on EC25EFAR06A06M4G and in the pocess i would like to update all of our Modules. Regards,

Hi, can you please send me QFlash tool and BG95-M3 latest firmware ?

Hi @Isaac.Wang-Q

Can you please send me download link to QFlash version 5.3. I am doing development on the BC660K-GL module and I’m unable to load firmware. The QFlash stys blank after loading flash_download file… I am using V6.0 with no luck

Hi, can you please send me QFlash tool and SC600T-EM latest firmware ?
Please send to

I would like to upgrade the firmware of EG915U Could you please help to provide the link for downloading the firmware upgrade tool Qflash?

Thank you

Could you please give me the Qflasher tools which can support in windows 11. I wanted to flash quectel m65 chip.

you can send me the qflasher tools in my mail. mail id is


Could you please send me the latest version of the QFlash tool? Thanks.


hello ,i have sent the tool in your personal chatbox, please kindly save it, by the way, this tool also can be obtained in our official website, many thanks~

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Please send me links for the Qflash tool and EM12-G firmware to

please send me Qflash v4 tool and last firmware of mc60