REQUEST: Firmware upgrade EM12-G LTE-A module

Hello Quectel support team,

I got an EM12-G LTE-A module with an old firmware version.

Could you send me please a link to the latest version and
the source code for linux for QFirehose update system.

I have setup a linux meson build system, so I can compile
it on my own.

Device data (redacted):

&VID:&PID: 2c7c:0512

index 10 priority 6 llprio 3
roaming enabled registration home network
state up cell-class LTE rssi -101dBm speed 572Mbps up 572Mbps down
SIM initialized PIN valid (3 attempts left)
subscriber-id 206010000000000 ICC-id 89323000000000000000
device EM12-G IMEI 869710000000000 firmware EM12GPAR01A21M4G
APN INTERNET.PROXIMUS.BE provider Mobile Vikings provider-id 20601
groups: egress
status: active
inet → netmask 0xfffffffc

Best regards,
S. Kapfhammer