Release notes for BG96 needed


for a new project, I initially tested with BG96 version 0207. For production modules are offered with versions 0207, 0208, 0210, 0306, 0309, 0310, 0311 and 0404. Where can I get the release notes for these versions?

Thanks in advance


Include the relevant release notes in the firmware package for the corresponding version.

In the meantime I received some release notes from the distributor. But after reding the bugfixes, I am confuseed and it is not complete clear for me, if 04xx is a newer release than 03xx and a newer as 02xx or is 04xx another kind of firmware as 03xx and 02xx.

You can understand that 04xx, 03xx and 02xx are different firmware and cannot brush versions of each other. Their Qualcomm chip baselines are different, corresponding functions have certain differences.

Many thanks for clarification!