Related to EG25-G firmware vulnerability

Could you tell me if the EG25-G firmware is related to the following vulnerabilities
The firmware Ver. of EG25-G is as follows

Thank you,

Hello, I don’t see whether the bug you mentioned is included, but now the new version “EG25GGBR07A08M2G_30.007.30.007” has been launched, please give me your email if necessary.

Hello Iyman,
I am investigating a vulnerability related to LTE. I just want to know if the two items below are related to EG25-G.
If they are not related to EG25-G, please simply say they are not related.

@lyman-Q Could you provide me with the latest firmware for EG25-G or tell the link URL?

Yes,but i can’t find your e-mail,can you give me?

I’ve sent you my e-mail.

I’ve sent you the firmware,please check.

Thanks, I’ve downloaded it!