Regarding Video FPS issue in SC66 CSI Camera

We are using camera KLT-K5MF-OV12895 on a 2 lane CSI interface in SC66.
This is a 12MP camera, which can capture 30fps at 12MP resolution.
But when we capture a video using the standard camera app, we observe that we are unable to reach the 30fps mark.

We are observing that the captured video has around 15 fps consistently with resolution being 1920x1080.
We understand that the SC66 itself can work with at 30fps as per the SC66 specifications.

Is 30fps video capture validated in the released SDK ?
Do we need to do any specific configurations for achieving higher FPS ?
Please suggest.

Hi, prasad:
From the information you provide, the number of data lanes is two, not four.
I think this will affect the speed.

Dear Zheng,

We are facing the same issue on a development kit in which we have a 4 lane MIPI.
So we don’t think the issue is related to the number of lanes.