Regarding BG96 Bug Fix

Hello Quectel Forum,

I am IoT system developer using BG96.
I want to know about bug fix of BG96.

I believe the Japanese distributor inform to Quectel team that the issue in file read (AT+QFREAD) occurred in version BG96MAR03A08M1G_01.001.01.001.
More details on this issue are below:
BG96 shuts down by itself when changing the network status to out-of-range or in-range during HTTPS connection and file read execution.

They said this issue is fixed by BG96MAR03A09M1G_01.002.01.002, but I could not know

  • what is cause
  • how to fix

Their response was not very good, so I asked Quectel team to inquire on this forum.

Could you tell me the detail of them ?

This topic is acted by other way, so it can be closed.

Please check the release note file in the new firmware package to see if it helps.

G96MAR03A08M1G_01.001.01.001 is the firmware for Japan.
Could you confirm if BG96MAR03A09M1G_01.002.01.002 is also for Japan?

Yes, BG96MAR03A09M1G_01.002.01.002 also works with Japan.

Yes, BG96MAR03A09M1G_01.002.01.002 also works with Japan.

Just checked Quectel_LPWA_Module_Product_Overview_V4.2.pdf ,
the document says BG96MAR03A09M1G is for Korea rather than Japan.
So I’m confused.