Reflashing MSFT module to SGA

Hello, everyone!

I need help with reflashing the module.

I recently bought an EM12GPA-512-MSFT2 module and an M.2 → USB3.0 adapter. The module does not work as it should.
When I connect it to a Windows 10 computer, only one EM12G_MSFT device appears, and I couldn’t find a driver for it. No COM ports appear.
I tried to find a solution on the Internet, but all I could find out is that modules labeled MSFT are modules with proprietary firmware from Microsoft and that they can only be re-flashed by contacting Quectel tech support.

Can anybody share any files or instructions that would help me to change the firmware of my module to the global version which usually flashed into EM12GPA-512-SGA modules?