Reconfiguration Failure after sending a reconfigurationWithSync in RRC Reconfiguration


I have an Handover test case where I send the RRC Reconfiguration containing the ReconfigurationWithSync but i get an RRC Reestablishment with cause Reconfiguration Failure.
The handover involves two cells into the same MCG and in the same Band.

From the UE log, after the RRC reconfiguration, I can see these events:
EVENT_NR5G_RRC_HO_STARTED_V2 which includes the correct info for SourcePhyCellId, SourceARFCN, TargetPhyCellId, TargetARFCN;
EVENT_NR5G_RRC_MCG_FAILURE with the failureType = Reconfiguration Failure;

I guess there are some issues with IEs I’m configuring into the MasterCellGroup IE.
Can anyone help me to understand how can I fix it?

Dear @Matt
Which module you used?Please share the firmware to us.
It is better to share the configuration and capture log to us, then we can check internally.

Hi @silvia,
I’m using the RM500Q-GL module, firmware version RM500QGLABR11A06M4G.

What kind of configuration do you need? The RRC reconfiguration message?

Daer @Matt
Please use the tool which I sent via Message.

Dear @Matt
Our engineer had checked the log, but it seems the log missed some information.Please follow the steps to capture log again. It is better to repeat 2-3 times and capture log separately.
AT+CFUN=1(After register successfully, please do handover test)
AT+CFUN=1(After register successfully, please do handover test)