Receiving Wap push messages with the BG96 does not work

Hi. I have a Teltonika TRM250 which has a BG96 module inside.

Receiving normal SMS messages works fine. I see a "+CMTI: “ME”, " notification on the Virtual COM port. I can then read the message with AT+CMGR and also find it in the AT+CMGL list. (I’ve configured it to PDU mode and not text mode.)

However when receiving a WAP push message (that is an MMS notification), nothing is printed on the Virtual COM port, and nothing is to be found when executing AT+CMGL=4. If I hook up USBPcap+Wireshark while receiving the WAP push, I can see that on some other interface (the interface used for internet?) I see some binary data that includes the full WAP push SMS message, so it is apparently received by the module.

Before I firmware upgraded to Quectel version BG96_Firmware_Release_Notes_V0207_01.016.01.016, I could see some bogus “+CMTI: “ME”, -1” notifications when the WAP push arrived, but now after the firmware upgrade nothing is shown anymore. According to the release notes it fixes a bug with description “Fixed the bug that unexpected URC “+CMTI: -1” reported when module received WAP push type message.”.

I can say that I have not made any particular configuration but just use the defaults.

Putting in the same SIM card in an old D-Link DWM-157 modem and then hooking up the Virtual COM ports, I can now clearly see the WAP push messages coming in with +CMTI, as well as the message can now be found with AT+CMGL and read with AT+CMGR.

So for some reason BG96 seems to discard incoming WAP push messages. Is this a bug?

Which carrier did you connection? BG96 doesn’t support 3GPP2 format WAP push message. You could try to set AT+CNMI=1,2. You should be able to receive the WAP PUSH message in URC directly, but it won’t saved.

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My carrier is Telenor SE.
If I execute “AT+CNMI=1,2”, I still see nothing in any Virtual COM Port terminal when sending an MMS message to the device. However in Wireshark I can see the wap push message on some binary usb endpoint I don’t know how to decode.
Is there something special with 3GPP2 WAP push messages that makes the BG96 not able to receive it? I don’t need the device to parse the contents, I just want the raw pdu.