Receiving EC25 diag data via serial port

Hi friends, I have an EC25 module which I want to connect it to my computer via serial port connection (not USB).
I see that 4 ports are appeared after connecting the module to USB port (ttyUSB0 to 4 in ubuntu). The first port is considered for receiving diag data. The third and forth is considered for AT-commands.

When I connect my module to serial port (not USB), I have just one port (ttyS2) which I can send AT-commands via this port successfully. What about diag data? Can I receive diag data via this port?

hi, mortezaaliahmadi:
The serial port cannot output diagnostic logs. You need to connect TTL to DBG_Tx, DBG_Rx, and GND pins through a cable.

Thank you very much. Do you mean that DBG_Tx, DBG_Rx, and GND pins are connected through a cable in USB connection but they are not connected through a cable in TTL connection ?

I mean to connect to the computer via TTL

Ok thanks for your reply