Reason for SIM stall?

Hi Forum,
for some prototypes I recognised that the SIM could not find any network (although “c(g)(e)reg” says “searching” and “at+cops=?” finds some valid networks.
After using the (stalled) SIM in another module, all works again in the old hardware/SIM without obvious reason…
Has anybody else seen this problem? I use SIMs from 1NCE (Europe).
Thanks, Jo

What kind of modules do you use? Can this 1NCE card be used normally when inserted into your phone?

I use BG600L and LTE-M and GSM. The 1NCE SIMS (web: ) are special M2M-cards, not working in phones. But if I insert a “stalled” SIM into another BG600L-module all works again…
We plan to make further tests the comming week.

First you need to determine the insertion status of the card, AT+CPIN?
Then you need to check the antenna connection or replace another SIM card to cross-verify whether it works

Yes, all this was working correctly. Only “at+c(g)(e)reg” did not find anything… I also know from older GSM days, that you must log out correctly each time…

I hope to get some results in the next 2-3 weeks, where we make stress tests with the protos.

I had the same problem on BC66. The problem was that module marks current (only one in this region) base station as “broken” and didn’t connect to it, simply skips.

Interesting. But still after changing location by several km the SIM stalled.
However, currently a number of devices is used to reproduce the problem.
So far all are working perfectly…