Ready linux image for SC20

I’m starting with SC20 E, i have some questions like,

  • How Can i get ready linux image for SC20 ?

  • Or is it compulsory to go with yocto project ?

After you build the yocto environment, you need merge SC20 linux SDK from Quectel proveided to build images.

This is the only way? nobody in two years has built a linux image for the SC20?

Unfortunately, the Linux Quectel support is terrible, or close to zero.

I would love to design a project around the SC20 with Linux, but nobody offered us access to the Linux SDK so far

Well, the SC20 linux SDK is available for the customers, the problem is the lack of documentation. There are no examples or tutorials.

We are working with the SC20, and every time we made a question, the support team reply that is not possible, but we found a way to solve the problems, now we can control the wifi, the 4g connection and run code using Python 3.

Currently I’m dealing with install software on it, there are no compiler, no package management tool, nothing. It is not an Android and not a Linux, is a hybrid. If you want to install something, you must compile an image, but the process is not easy.