Reading ICCID fast

Right now we use AT+CCID to get the ICCID of an inserted SIM but we must wait a while after the SIM is inserted into either our EG91-NAX or EC25-AFX modules. Is there a way to get it much quicker?

I think it must register or something before we can get it. Workaround?

The module needs to read the SIM card information before it can initiate the registration network, so you cannot complete the registration before reading

Sorry, maybe there is a miscommunication. I am just looking to simply read the ICCID. No registration or further process needed. When the SIM is inserted, should this not be available right away? All it’s doing is reading the ICCID.

yes,when you insert the SIM card and query AT+CPIN? return READY,the SIM card status is normal, you can query it

Yes, it works. Thanks! It takes maybe 10-20 seconds. I just thought it would be instant. Thanks again for your attention to this question.