Raspberry pi camera module integration on SC20 board

Hi, I am using SC20 board and I want to integrate raspberry pi camera module rev 1.3. Can we please suggest to me the procedure for the integration of the module and what else is needed from the vendor? Is it possible to integrate the raspberry pi camera module rev 1.3 on SC20 board?

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could you tell me the difference between raspberry pi camera module rev 1.3 and the camera in Android device? Are you using Android or Linux?

I am using Android 7.1.2 .
Their is no camera in android device. It supports some camera modules but the difference is the driver.

Thanks for ur response

Hello Customer:
May I ask the name and country of your company´╝čWe suggest to import the debugging requirements through our Local FAE. We also need you to send us the equipment that needs to be debugged.