RAI flag on BG77

Is it possible to use the RAI flag on the BG77 module?

I use the BG77 modem to communicate with the MQTT server and I want to skip the inactive time after publish for faster entry into the PSM to reduce power consumption.

for BG77 module , we support this flag

Quectel_BG95&BG77&BG600L_Series_TCP(IP)_Application_Note_V1.1.pdf (808.4 KB)

Which is the latest firmware version of BG77?

My FW version is BG77LAR02A02_01.004.01.004 and when I read supported operation with
AT+QISENDEX=? I get response: +QISENDEX: (0-11),<hex_string> OK.
I think that my Firmware doesn’t supports RAI flag.

I don’t use the AT+QISENDEX function.
Is it possible to avoid waiting for RRC release if I use MQTT protocol and AT+QMTPUBEX function to send data?