Questions on operating environment of 5G USB Dongle EVB Kit

Hi, I’m a Ph.D. candidate at Seoul National University, South Korea.

Recently, our research team has searched for a 5G USB dongle to test on a laptop computer and it seems the product of Quectel is fit for our purpose. If some questions are resolved, we are planning to order some of them. Our questions are as follows.

  1. Is it possible to run a 5G USB Dongle EVB Kit on Linux based OS such as ubuntu?

  2. What supplementary components are required to test with commercial 5G? It seems that we require several antennas to operate it. (If it needs supplementary components, please recommend it to compose full testbed)

  3. Is this device can run in South Korea with three major operators? (SKT, KT, LGT)

  4. It is possible to refine the link-layer protocol with Quectel devices? For example, if it is possible, reporting a different buffer status report that is different from the real value on the user-side one can be an option.

Best regards,