Question about BC95-G PSM


I’m using BC95-G Modem with the old version “Revision:BC95GJBR01A07”,
I have it configured to automatically connect:

when I activate CFUN, and do all steps to connect, I send a ping to my APN,
it responds +NPING:,43,3560 (I’m not putting my APN IP there)
Indicating that the modem is connected and running, then I configure the PSM
unsolicited result code “AT+NPSMR=1” and then I put PSM to go on for 10 minutes:
After about 20 seconds the device turns off CSCON, and sends +NPSMR:1 indicating
that PSM is ON, so far so good, but after the 10 minutes passed the device doesn’t turn off
PSM, it just remains forever on +NPSMR:1, it’s supposed to reconnect again, right?
It’s possible to force this using my microcontroller and waking it after 10 minutes,
but it would totally screw the power consumption required for my application.

I suggest you close Combine and BIP
If the log returns +NPSMR:1, the module has entered PSM
If you feel that the PSM entry time is too long, you need to contact the operator to confirm the T3324 timer for the APN

Hi Herbert, thanks for the answer!
Ok, I’ll disable Combine and BIP, I’ve updated to the “Revision:BC95GJBR02A03”
Guess I will have to write a long e-mail for my APN provider, I bet they don’t even know what this is haha