QuectelRM500Q-GL trying to connect to network


I am trying to connect to the 5GNR SA mode. For the 5GNR NSA mode, I did the same and it worked but not for this time with SA.

I use the quectel-CM process for the connection to the network.

[02-23_12:38:00:793] Quectel_QConnectManager_Linux_V1.5
[02-23_12:38:00:796] Find /sys/bus/usb/devices/2-2 idVendor=0x2c7c idProduct=0x800
[02-23_12:38:00:798] Auto find qmichannel = /dev/cdc-wdm0
[02-23_12:38:00:798] Auto find usbnet_adapter = wwan0
[02-23_12:38:00:798] Modem works in QMI mode
[02-23_12:38:00:822] /proc/2287/fd/7 → /dev/cdc-wdm0
[02-23_12:38:00:823] /proc/2287/exe → /home/pi/quectel-CM/quectel-CM
[02-23_12:38:02:824] cdc_wdm_fd = 7
[02-23_12:38:02:922] Get clientWDS = 2
[02-23_12:38:02:954] Get clientDMS = 1
[02-23_12:38:02:985] Get clientNAS = 4
[02-23_12:38:03:018] Get clientUIM = 1
[02-23_12:38:03:050] Get clientWDA = 1
[02-23_12:38:03:081] requestBaseBandVersion RM500QGLABR10A02M4G
[02-23_12:38:03:210] requestGetSIMStatus SIMStatus: SIM_READY
[02-23_12:38:03:210] requestSetProfile[1] internet.euskaltel.mobi///0
[02-23_12:38:03:273] requestGetProfile[1] internet.euskaltel.mobi///0
[02-23_12:38:03:306] requestRegistrationState2 MCC: 0, MNC: 0, PS: Detached, DataCap: UNKNOW
[02-23_12:38:03:338] requestQueryDataCall IPv4ConnectionStatus: DISCONNECTED
[02-23_12:38:03:338] ifconfig wwan0 down
[02-23_12:38:03:359] ifconfig wwan0
[02-23_12:38:12:203] QmiWwanThread exit
[02-23_12:38:12:204] qmi_main exit

I don’t know why it is not working now with SA mode.

Dear Sir,
Do your sim card support SA function? and do the network support SA? can you also check these at commands, thanks!

Yes, my SIM card supports SA and the network does it as well (checked in a special phone supporting 5G SA).

+QNWPREFCFG: “nr5g_band”,1:2:3:5:7:8:12:20:25:28:38:40:41:48:66:71:77:78:79

+QNWPREFCFG: “mode_pref”,NR5G

Thanks for your information,
Please also check at+cgatt? at+cops? at+qeng=“servingcell”