Quectel USB AT port is not recognized


I have a Quectel_UMTS&LTE_EVB_Kit with a BG95-M3 connected to it. I installed the driver “Quectel_LTE&5G_Windows_USB_Driver_V2.1” in my Windows 11 PC and I am using the USB connector. However, when I go into Device_Manager the USB AT port is not recognized. See the attached image below.

Is there any problem with the driver? How can I solve this?

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Does the Quectel USB Modem Exist? It is also the AT port.

Hello Bean,

Yes it does exist.


However, I still do not know how to send the AT commands. What is the COM port I should use?



Hello again,

Just found it, the AT commands are working.

Thanks for the tip.

Yes. You could send AT via the Quectel USB Modem #2.