Quectel UE decoding different frequency other than the configured Earfcn for NBIOT ( Inband)


We have a EnodeB with Inband solution complying R13 specification. When testing one of the PRB ( 4,9,14,19 ) as NB-IOT cell on 10 Mhz channel bandwith on Band 3 together LTE earfcn as ( 1580). UE is not finding the desired Earfcn of the NB-IOT cell , but it is trying to decode with some other earfcn … for eg

PRB19 , for 10 Mhz channel BW on Band 3 , the desired Earfcn transmitted by the Radio is 1568 , where as the UE decoded earfcn in DL is 1263 as shown
Below in the QXDM traces.

May i know your test way ? OTA or cable .

if the OTA test , pls list all MNC network as below :

for more analysis , pls send all your log to support@ quectel.com