Quectel UC20-G has frequent connection errors in Win10 LTSC


I am using a Quectel UC20-G that fails to work reliably once the system has booted.

After every 5th or 6th startup, the modem will have one of the following errors (from the Windows Cellular setting):

  1. No service
  2. Disconnected - if the cellular setting has this error and you try to conenct manually - you get error message “Can’t connect to this network. Enter an APN and try again”
  • The modem is installed in a Giada F210 PC running Win10 Enterprise LTSC.
  • The windows Cellular setting is set to auto connect
  • The APN setting is correct
  • I am using the UC20 drivers from the Quectel website: V
  • Revision is UC20GQDR03A19E1G
  • IMEI is 860147042675072

I have tested a couple of different SIM cards but the results are the same. After 5-6 reboots, the cellular setting will show this error and only a reboot can fix it. This is a problem as these are supposed to be unattended IoT devices.

I also tested an older UC20EC using the same hardware (PC, SIM, OS, etc). The older card does not have this issue, even after 20+ restarts, cold starts, and power cycling at the wall socket. .

Is there a newer driver/firmware available for this modem?

kind regards

Hi peter,
I have sent a new firmware to your mailbox, hoping to help you solve this problem.


The updated firmware has solved the problem :+1:t4:.


hi link.shan

i have a similar issue, can you send me the same firmware to verify if it works for me? thanks!

Hi chiaralucho,
I am very sorry that I just saw your message now. I will immediately send you this firmware to your email.