Quectel SPI example

I am using SPI example for MC60 Module and i am not able to test this example as I don’t know what input command I have to send to communicate through UART with Q-navigator app, and when I am trying to send these command mentioned in the example I get and error saying "Not found this command, please check your command " Please provide some help or details about how can I communicate through UART of the Q- Navigator to successfully test this SPI example.


  • If input "Ql_SPI_Init", that will init the SPI channel.
  • If input "Ql_SPI_Config", that will configure the SPI parameter.
  • If input "Ql_SPI_Write", that will write bytes to slave equipment through SPI interface.
  • If input "Ql_SPI_Read", that will read bytes from slave equipment through SPI interface.
  • If input "Ql_SPI_WriteRead", that will read and write bytes through SPI interface.
  • If input "Ql_SPI_Uninit", that will release the SPI pins.

Dear @Chandan_kumar
When testing SPI protocol, you first need to connect to the slave device according to the corresponding SPI interfaces (spi_mosi, spi_miso, spi_cs, spi_clk), and then ensure that the slave device and module are powered on normally. Then you can use our qcom tool to input the above commands for testing. If you have any questions, we will continue to communicate.
Thank you !

Thank you for writing back as I am trying to send command with qcom it returns a message with

“Not found this command, Please check your command”
I have connected to the module as it sends a message on screen

[2021-11-22 13:08:19:005_R:] <-- OpenCPU: SPI TEST! -->

[2021-11-22 13:08:19:005_R:] <-- Ql_SPI_Init ret =0 -->

[2021-11-22 13:08:19:005_R:] <-- Ql_SPI_Config =0 -->

[2021-11-22 13:08:19:005_R:] <–GPIO initialization successfully for CS high -->