Quectel SC66 Board is not booting

We are integrating camera sensors with quectel SC66 board, during integration we faced problems related to booting. we are trying to get device into fast boot or QDL mode but device is not going in any mode.
a) For QDL mode, we are using force boot (or USB boot)button to get QDL mode, but that button is not working due to LDO13A_1P8(pin no - 9) pin got failed,this pin is going to force boot button as a input voltage, due to this we are not getting device into QDL mode.
b) For Fast boot we are using volume up key. Volume up key has to drive 4.4V but it is driving 0V, so volume up key also not working to get device into fast boot.
Now we are finding solution to get this board in either of the modes . if we got these modes we can load Pre-built images and start board normally as usual.
1)Apart from these modes, Is there any modes are available to load Pre-built images?
2)How to simulate the above scenario to get boards into fast boot or QDL mode
Please help us if you have any solution to recover the board from these problems

Before the module is turned on, pull the FORCE_BOOT pin to 1.8V externally, and then execute the boot, you can also enter the forced download mode.

Hi ,
Thanks for the information u have provided.
I given 1.8v from external power supply to force boot button and executed the boot,but still device is not entering into the force boot mode (QDL mode). If you have any other solution please share.

 You make sure that the FORCE_BOOT pin is pulled up to 1.8V externally, perform booting, connect the USB to the PC, and you should be able to see the forced download USB port.
If you cannot see the forced download on the PC, please check to make sure the USB and PC connection is normal. Check whether the USB driver is normal.

If the USB part is determined to be normal, the FORCE_BOOT pin is also determined to be pulled up to the external 1.8V, and the boot action is also performed, but the forced download port cannot be found. Then you need to check whether the module power supply or the module hardware is damaged. You need to provide relevant test pictures and methods, some schematic diagrams of module startup, power supply, USB, etc. We will assist in relevant analysis.

I tried with external power supply given to force boot pin and try to get QDL mode, but we didn’t get QDL mode. I confirmed connection was normal between both PC and USB and also I confirmed USB driver is working fine (i checked by connecting any other USB devices to my laptop). Here I’m trying to attaching the board schematic but for me it is not allowing.

You can send an email to me, my email is: fugui.wang@quectel.com.
I remember you said “Due to the failure of the LDO13A_1P8 (pin number -9) pin”, what does it mean that there is a failure? Is it damaged? If it is: Maybe your module is damaged.

Hi fuguiwang ,
LDO13A_1P8 and LDO11A_1P8 pins are driving 0V, by this we confirmed both pins are failed and our internal hardware team also told module is damaged after probing regulator pins.If you have any idea regarding this please share and i will sent attachments through mail.
Thank you for your reply.

According to your description, my analysis should be that the module is damaged. You connect 3.8V to the VBAT pin of the module, and measure the pwrkey voltage. If it is 1.8V, perform power-on, and then see if there is output from LDO13 (disconnect all peripherals).
If there is no 1.8V, which basically judges that the module has been damaged.

I disconnected all peripherals from board and powered on module ,probed power key and VBAT both driving 1.8v and 4.3v, but LDO pins are driving 0v.
if you have any solution to recover the board from this issue please tell me.
Thank You

The module should be damaged. I’m sorry that there is no other good way to help you.

Hello fuguiwang,
Thanks for your support.