Quectel RM530N-GL_CA&EN-DC_Features

Hello, I recently purchased this modem. Can you please share this XLS file as described in the title? @herbert.pan-Q @silvia

I have sent it to your email.pls check

Thank you herber as always. Do you have the XLSX file with EN-DC combos also for the RG520N-EU?

RG520N-EU-CA&EN-DC_Features.xlsx should be its name

I have sent it to your email.pls check

Hello Herbert, i saw that the combos for the RM520N-GL are very restricted, for example it cannot do 1+3+7+20+N78 but just 2CA + n78, do you know if Quectel plans for an upgrade for the RM520N-GL combos?

Based on feedback I received, its HW limitation. I am in same problem and I wish I knew it before my purchase :frowning:
I have cells with 1A-3A-7A-8A_n78A and unfortunately with GL, I can just do 2CA on 3A-7A_n78A

can i get a copy of the CA&ENDC excel?

I have sent it to your email.pls check

I got the file. I am still trying to understand it. RM530n has sdx65. Does it support t-mobile 3x CA N41+n41+n25?
Thank you.

The RM530N should have X62. The X65 variant is for the F (RM530F)

@herbert.pan-Q can you share by email the RM521F-GL combos?

Quectel RM521F-GL_CA&EN-DC_Features

I can’t find the corresponding file

Herbert I need the latest firmware for RM502Q-GL

Can you share it please?

Dear Herbert

Could you share the CA/ENDC Excel file for RM530N-GL?

I have sent it to your email.pls check

Hello, can you share by email the latest firmware for the RM530N-GL please?

@herbert.pan-Q share it by email please, Fw for RM530N-GL