Quectel RM520n-gl - can't reach 5g

Hello I have RM520n-gl modem and the problem is I can’t reach 5g connection. Do I need attach all 4 anntenas to this modem? I have supposedly 5g sim-card from our provider.
AT command below


+QENG: “servingcell”,“NOCONN”,“LTE”,“FDD”,260,01,4FBB01,239,1300,3,5,5,5232,-107,-10,-77,12,9,100,-

I suspect that there should be something like 5G-5GNR output? Am I rifght?
Thanks for any help

Hi @imthernet

It is recommended that you connect all the antennas, you can find more in the below

Also you can try to lock to 5G with following command to test.
AT+QNWPREFCFG=“mode_pref” // Query the current network search mode
AT+QNWPREFCFG=“mode_pref”,NR5G // Lock to NR5G
AT+QNWPREFCFG=“mode_pref”,LTE:NR5G // Lock to LTE and NR5G


Thank you for your answer. I will be testing it soon.