Quectel RM502Q-AE powered on without all 4 antennas connected (just 2)

When I tested the Quectel RM502Q-AE module capabilities I only connected the middle antennas (ANT1 and ANT2) as shown below:

Does the RM502Q-AE have a protection to recognize that ANT0 and ANT3 weren’t connected (and protect itself from using them so that amplifiers for those antennas don’t get damaged?)

Now I’m using it with all of them connected and the two antennas which are not in use are currently isolated by the red caps as shown here:

Please let me know, I’m a little paranoid of knowing if the RM502Q-AE is smart enough to protect itself from these mistakes

Hi Alessandro,
The module cannot disable other two antennas and the amplifier will not be damaged even if antennas are not connected.

Thank you for your response, my doubts were risen by this picture here on the Chateau 5G from Mikrotik which has the Quectel RG-502Q-EA, a slightly different variant from mine

Could you give some more insight on why the RM-502Q-AE isn’t affected by any way from not connecting ANT0 and ANT3?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hi Alessandro,
After the device is powered on, the module will search the nearby network, if there is no antenna, it will be difficult for the module to search the network.
When the module find a weak signal from the cell station, the module will try to communicate use high power, however the maximum transmitted power of the module is limited. Our modules have passed the maximum power cycle test.
If you just remove the antenna to test the module, I don’t think it will damage the module, when other antenna is registered to the network, the module will stop searching the network.
Of course, It’s best not to let the module search the network under the weak signal all the time. In normal use, it is recommended that all antennas be connected.