Quectel RM502q-AE not connecting to Verizon

I have a new Quectel RM502q-AE in a new router.

It appears that the modem is unable to “register” on the network, and it shows “No Service” in an area where service is known to be good. I have tried different SIM cards that are known to be good, this didn’t help. I suspect the firmware needs to be updated.

I installed the module in my laptop, but I don’t have the Windows driver so I can’t troubleshoot any further.

I’d like to get the Windows 10 driver and the most current firmware. I would very much appreciate any other suggestions you may have.

Thank you for your assistance

I found the correct firmware and the USB driver elsewhere on this forum. Quectel has confirmed that I have the latest firmware, however the modem still won’t connect.

Has any other Verizon user gotten this modem to work at all? Right now it is just an expensive paperweight.

Thanks, Mark

Please provide the details of the router.

It was in a new ZBT router, model Z800-AX.
I connected it in my laptop, Dell 7414, via USB3, to run QFlash and update the firmware supplied by Quectel.

It does not connect to the network in either machine, when powered up with a known good SIM card from Verizon in an area with known good 4G/5G signal strength.
Thanks, Mark

Does a SIM from another provider (not Verizon) work with your router and RM502Q?

I don’t know, I am a Verizon customer because T-Mobile and AT&T have no service in my location (very rural). My neighbors are also with Verizon (same reason) so I don’t have access to other carriers’ SIMs.

According to Verizon this module is not approved and will not connect to their network. The factory has been no help at all. I was able to sell the modem to another user.

I would not use this brand again.