Quectel RM502Q-AE factory reset

Hi. My module cant get the speed more than 150 mbps no matter what and I have tried few ISP. I know my area has strong 5G NSA signal. I tried with Huawei 122-373 and I can get over 300 mbps even without any external antenna. The module is installed within WG1608 router. I tried both wifi and ethernet and both gives the same max speed of 150 mbps. My last resort to try and factory reset it and hopefully it gives better speed. Can you please give me the AT command for resetting it? Thanks!

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your question.
If you want to reset the RM502Q module, please try at+cfun=1,1,
Here is the description of the at command.

By the way, it will be better if you also can ask WG1608 router manufactory, thanks!