Quectel RM502AE and Qualcomm SnapDragon 845

Hello, I am experiencing some issues with my 5G module and Snapdragon 845. I have followed the Quectel Android RIL guide, but the RM502AE module is not working in Android.

When I start the RIL daemon before the system boots, the module does not work at all. There is no IMEI in the settings, the phone number is not recognized, and there is no signal bar.

If I start the RIL daemon after the boot is completed, I can see the signal bar and all information in settings, but I am unable to make calls or send SMS. After 1-2 minutes, the SystemUI restarts, and the RIL service continues to run but does not work at all (no IMEI, no calls, and no signal).

I am wondering if there are any patches that I need to make for Qualcomm devices or if I require an updated driver. I have attached the logs here:

Hi @Pepsy

Through the radio log, it can be seen that the module is not registered to the network normally. You need to check the APN configuration and network environment, or try to use other sim cards for comparative testing
For more information, please email bean.wang@quectel.com,he is an expert in this field.