Quectel RM500Q obtain IP from 5G SA


I send AT commands to the Quectel RM500Q in 5G SA. By the AT command AT+CGPADDR=1 I see that I obtain an IP for my modem. Nevrtheless, the wwan0 interface is not configured with this IP. What can I do in order to match this IP to my wwan0 interface in order to have connectivity?

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Dear Nerea,
Please use quectel-CM and test it, here is the tool and user guide, thanks!



Dear Peter,

I tried to use the quectel-CM for this case but it didn’t work for 5G SA. However for LTE there is no problem and the connection works fine. This is the point why I wonder what it is not properly working.

Thank you

Please provide the dial-up log and your operation log, thank you

Dear Peter.Zhu-Q,

thank you very much for this advice.

I had the same problem, with the mentioned quectel-CM it works now on Linux.

Is there a same solution for Windows? There I have not yet been able to find a solution.

Thank you